Bentley GTC Speed | The New Green Supercar Lifestyle | August 16, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group
Bentley GTC Speed

Bentley GTC Speed

When you think of Bentley automobiles, how often do you think of them as a green, sustainable manufacturer? The answer from 99% of you visitors is probably: “what the heck?”

Well, the times are changing and Bentley, one of the most prestigious auto manufacturers in the world, is doing its part to help preserve the environment. The new line of Bentley Continentals are 85% recyclable, for a recovery rate of 95%.

Aside from being mostly recyclable, Bentley has released an awesome new GTC Speed that boasts a 630-hp turbocharged W12 capable of speeds over 200 mph. Best of all, the engine is biofuel compatible making it greener than most cars on the market today and more powerful at the same time. By 2012, the company said all of its models will be capable of running on flex fuel.

Bentley has also decided to implement cylinder cutoffs in the next generation of its uber-luxury Arnage. The cutoff technology is designed to drastically reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by closing certain combustion chambers when they’re not needed.

Lastly, Bentley has adopted a revolutionary, new technology that uses superheated air and high tool pressure to shape body panels, such as on the Arnage. Instead of heavy machines with molds, or heating and molding body panels, this new process eliminates excess electricity and materials required to mold bodywork.

Have the cash, but driving a Prius to be eco-friendly? Now you have another option. (don’t get me wrong, I love the Toyota Prius!)



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