Ford’s Entering The Green Market With Their New EcoBoost Technology Lifestyle | August 18, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

Since I was young I have always been a car nut. I remember walking down the street as a young fellow and listening to cars drive by, then I would guess the make and model. After years upon years of fine-tuning, I am able to pick out most cars — a Mustang (deep, mean, gurgling), AMG Mercedes (smooth, clean, deep sound), Porsche (raspy and higher pitched), etc. Though, now that times have progressed, I’m more impressed by a car that passes by and makes little to no sound. And, Ford’s new EcoBoost technology is something my ears and eyes really like!

Ford’s new EcoBoost Technology is very similar to what other manufacturers are doing, though its impact will be far more widespread. Ford will be adding this technology to half of a million vehicles by 2013. The EcoBoost Technology will be offered as an option to around 90% of Ford’s vehicles, allowing almost any customer to opt for the eco-friendly feature. The technology itself “combines direct fuel injection and a turbo charger to improve the fuel efficiency of comparable cars between 10 percent and 20 percent. Ford decided that it’s the cheapest route to improved mileage, noting that consumers will recoup the additional cost of the EcoBoost option in two years.” -CNET

Ford’s eco-friendly mission doesn’t stop there. EcoBoost, in the future, will be available on hybrid vehicles; something that will significantly decrease carbon emissions and further help to preserve the environment. The very popular Ford Escape (smaller SUV) can currently be purchased as a hybrid and, without utilizing the new EcoBoost technology, still reigns in a whopping 34 mpg in stop and go traffic. According to Ford, the “Escape Hybrid uses no fuel when you’re stopped in traffic or up to 40 mph in full electric mode.”

I’m happy to see Ford is really stepping up to the plate and changing its image from being a company composed of gas-guzzling clunkers (this is coming from a Cobra owner) to being eco-friendly and sustainable.



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