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4th of July — good ole’ 4th of July… I always love seeing fireworks, relaxing with friends/family, and eating amazing food. Such a fun holiday. This year I decided to sneak out to Santa Monica Pier, solo, and snap photos of the fireworks in Marina Del Rey and also the cool, new solar-powered Ferris wheel.

With the addition of the new Ferris wheel, Santa Monica and Pacific Park (the pier’s amusement park) are truly living up to their mission — a commitment to “protecting the environment, improving quality of life, and promoting sustainability.” The $1.5-million dollar 90-foot-tall Ferris wheel features computer-generated lighting effects and a whopping 160,000 LED (light-emitting diode) lights that change color to match the occasion. This is truly something to see when in Los Angeles. Simply standing on the pier, out in the water, in the blackness, and seeing the bright LED lights from the Ferris wheel whizzing by offers comforting in a sense. The murky, cold feeling the water exudes once the sun goes down is transformed by colorful, intriguing glows. An amazing sight.

The old Ferris wheel (R.I.P.), throughout its 12-year career, spun over 3-million riders, appeared in 105 photo shoots, 69 television shows, 71 commercials, 28 feature films, 13 music videos and captured hearts from around the globe. The new Ferris wheel, boasting its eco-friendly sexyness, will most definitely be an attraction for many years to come.

Luckily, from next to the Ferris wheel, on the sand just aside the pier, I had an exceptional view of the fireworks in Marina Del Rey. I was joined by hundreds, if not thousands, of people who were just as excited as I was. First everyone on the beach would hear a loud whirling sound, a split second of intense anticipation, then pitch-black sand would explode with light and colors, offering an ever-so-scarce view of my temporary neighbors resting only feet away. Once the bright lights and explosions subsided, the silhouettes of my neighbors faded into the darkness.

Finally, on to the good stuff — photos! Please find photos of my mini-journey below, which I hope you enjoy. They were all shot on full manual mode, on a Nikon D90 DSLR.

Until the next time,
–Aaron Schoenberger

(I, for some reason, sorta like the above photo)



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