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View of Los Angeles Fires from 10-freeway


Last night, just around sunset, I decided to go on the roof a snap photos of the sunset. To my surprise, I had a very good view of the fires in the Los Angeles hills. I could see large flames shooting in the air. Scary — it looks so close.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, a whopping 121,000 square acres have already been scorched and property damage is, so far, estimated at $14 million. Luckily, the Mount Wilson observatory and communications equipment (antennas for phone companies, emergency services, etc.) remains unharmed.

Four hundred animals from a nature reserve in Northern Los Angeles (Wildlife Waystation) are being moved out of harms way, which is good to hear. We have to keep our furry (and not so furry) friends safe. According to Telegraph UK:

Lions, tiger, leopards, mountain lions, wolves, black bears and ostriches were being placed in cages and on to trucks and moved from the Wildlife Waystation to the Los Angeles Zoo and other facilities. The refuge also houses zebra, hyaenas, llamas and raccoons, that joined the others on dozens of horse trailers and other heavy vehicles arriving by the minute at the remote reserve on a two-lane road, as aircraft water-bombed the advancing fire on mountains a few valleys to the east.”

For all Los Angeles residents who want to help in some way, contact your local Humane Society to donate blankets, crates, and anything else that may be useful. CLICK HERE to see the Pasadena Human Society’s website. 

On to the photos and video… I hope everything came out well. If you like, be sure to bookmark this sucker by clicking the below icons. 

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Los Angeles Fires

View of Century City from West LA

View of Century City from West LA

Sunset in West LA

Sunset in West LA

View of Downtown from West LA

View of Downtown from West LA



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