Google Voice Critique – Part 2 – Custom Greetings The Brainchild Group News | October 27, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

Today I have been exploring custom greetings for Google Voice and was expecting a few cool functions, but not nearly as many as I found. Google, I’ll say again, I love you. 

I was able to set custom greetings for individual callers, which is a huge plus. I have a few telemarketers that seem to always call me at the wrong time, and Google Voice allows particular numbers to be taken directly to voicemail. The message I designated for such callers is not something I will share with you readers, but you get my vibe. :)

Setting custom greetings for close friends is another cool, personal touch. For example, if you and your closest friend have an inside joke, mention it in your voicemail message (be sure to attach the message to their incoming number!). The good ole’ “out of service” greeting is always a good one.

Additionally, for office-related calls, Google Voice’s custom voicemail greetings are excellent. Most offices have internal phone systems and outgoing calls fall under the same phone number. By setting a unique, business-like greetings and attaching it to your office number you can guarantee a professional appearance no matter where you are and who’s on the other end.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional posts on Google Voice — my new best friend.



Aaron Schoenberger

The Brainchild Group 



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