Photos From Mustang Meet at Teddy’s Cafe in Los Angeles Lifestyle | October 21, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

Good food and fast cars; Is there anything better? 

My friend Ricky, who drives a silver Cobra with Saleen upgrades, invited me to a Mustang meet tonight, which took place at Teddy’s Cafe in West LA. I live down the street and had never been there before, plus I hadn’t seen Ricky in a long time, so I decided to swing by.

A good amount of cars ended up showing up including a very sweet Falcon, a few Cobras (including mine – Penelope), an old school Mustang, some bikes and other random performance cars.

And, I have to mention, the food at Teddy’s Cafe was excellent! I live around the corner and had never been there before. Why? I have no idea! I’m an idiot.  

On to the good stuff… Please find a few photos from the meet below. 



Aaron Schoenberger






























































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