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Saving Small Businesses one Click at a Time, The Brainchild Group Offers Free Internet Marketing Consultations to Businesses in Need.

The suffering economy has wreaked havoc on small and large businesses alike, ultimately resulting in many closed doors across the globe. The cost of running a business has been steady while income has significantly decreased: a true recipe for disaster. Does it have to be this way? No.

The main problem is, expenses have remained the same and poor sales force management teams to re-evaluate day-to-day costs, thus resulting in layoffs. Typical expenses (rent, marketing costs, legal counsel, etc.) are deemed necessities and are viewed as untouchable, so employees are the first to go. The Brainchild Group – a Los Angeles marketing company and marketing think tank – proposes a drastically different approach.

Instead of decreasing the amount of employees, focus should be redirected to operational costs themselves. In particular, marketing efforts/budgets are the ideal way to save a business without disrupting the lives of loyal workers. A suffering company is bad not only for the business owner and those employed at the business, but the economy as a whole.

By strategically implementing an internet marketing campaign, businesses will be able to increase online brand awareness and profits via online channels while simultaneously decreasing marketing costs. Internet marketing mediums, such as search engine optimization, are very inexpensive when compared to television and print advertisements, which paves the way for future sustainability and growth.

Struggling businesses are encouraged to contact The Brainchild Group for a free consultation on ways to strategically utilize the internet to elevate sales and induce stability.

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