StarKist Launches ‘Think Tuna’ Marketing Campaign Marketing Rants + Critiques | October 4, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group


StarKist Think Tuna Advertisement

StarKist 'Think Tuna' Advertisement

StarKist, which was recently acquired by Korean food mogul Dongwon, is pouring $9-million into a new ‘Think Tuna’ marketing campaign that highlights the benefits of tuna and slings Charlie the Tuna back into stardom. With the economy still at a low, an increasing amount of consumers are purchasing canned tuna, so this marketing campaign truly hits the spot. 

According to Adweek, “Dollar sales of canned tuna — a $1 billion category — were up 6.70 percent for the 52 weeks ended July 12, per IRI. (The data excludes Walmart sales.) During that same period, StarKist’s pouched business had $18 million in sales across its tuna and albacore lines.” The economy is expected to recover in a few years, according to everything I have read/studied, and launching a marketing campaign at this point in time is ingenious. 

Additionally, the new ‘Think Tuna’ marketing campaign will introduce revolutionary flavors to the tuna world. I myself love smoked fish and other variations, and when I heard about the new flavor offerings by StarKist I was super stoked. Adweek stated “TV ads touting the products begin full-throttle this week, and a full-page ad ran in Thursday’s USA Today. The ads ask consumers to jazz up ordinary foods such as a taco, burger or stir-fry with such varieties as Hickory Smoked, Herb & Garlic and Sweet & Spicy Tuna. ‘We’ve turned regular tuna into a flavor explosion to make any meal more exciting!’ the copy reads.” I love it! In particular, sweet and spicy tuna sounds very interesting as I love getting spicy dynamite rolls at sushi restaurants here in Los Angeles, which are spicy tuna rolls with spicy mayo on top… YUMMM! 

New flavors include the following:

  • Herb and Garlic Tuna
  • Hickory Smoked Tuna
  • Sweet & Spicy Tuna
  • Zesty Lemon Pepper Tuna
  • Tomato Pesto Albacore Tuna
  • Mango Chipotle Salmon


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