HTC Phone Commercials | The ‘You’ Campaign Marketing Rants + Critiques | November 26, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group


HTC Phone Billboard - You Campaign (I shot this 2 days ago)

HTC Phone Billboard – 'You' Campaign (I shot this 2 days ago)

Recently, I’ve been seeing a slew of HTC phone commercials, on a variety of television channels, and I have to admit: they’re so darn catchy! I love ’em.

Why? By all means, I’d love to share…

1) Music

The music is just so darn catchy and syncs perfectly. By all means, let me sing it for you — “You need a phone that gets you, and you, and you, and we are HTC” ::spin move::

2)  Meaning

Finally, a phone manufacturer digs into the minds of everyday users and truly bases a system on them, not exterior factors. After all, the end users are the most important. HTC’s wide variety of smart phones, powered by Google’s Android software, are created to suite many types of users, thus the “You” emphasis in commercials.

3) Minimal Design

I’m a big fan of minimal designs/commercials and HTC made an excellent choice in toning down the amount of content and making a simple yet very effective commercial. Successfully pulling this off doesn’t happen often. 


What are your thoughts on HTC’s phone commercials? You’re welcome to share! 



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