Ridiculously Bubbly 7UP Ad Campaign | I’m Feelin’ It Marketing Rants + Critiques | December 1, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

7UP, the good ole’ lemon/lime bubbly deliciousness, has released a new marketing campaign that truly caught me off-guard and tantalized my senses. As I have mentioned before, I’m one critical person and attracting my attention is quite difficult. One tough cookie I tell you.

The new marketing campaign released by 7UP focuses on the bubbly factor that 7UP provides. Starting off in a somber mood, Brad Garrett takes a sip of 7UP and turns into a modelesque photo subject, all bubbly and super fabulous. The television commercial was quite funny and is a big step in the right direction for 7UP. After all, when has 7UP ever been a “cool” brand? 

According to Dave Falk, Director of Marketing for 7UP, “Our consumers told us that only 7UP gives them a crisp, clean, bubbly and uplifting feeling. With this campaign, we wanted to showcase that refreshing instant lift that comes with every first taste of 7UP while recapturing the fun associated with the brand.” As a professional marketer, I think this is an ingenious approach. Kudos! Analyzing consumer reactions and delivering a marketing campaign that caters to such is smart thinking. As Borat would say, “I liiiiiiiiiike!”

I am looking forward to gauging consumer reactions and analyzing profit increases. I believe this campaign will be very successful as 7UP has realized the excellent opportunities viral content provides and this article doubles as a TV commercial and a short, funny, catchy viral video. Killing two birds with one stone. 

In wrapping this article up, I have to admit — I’m feeling ridiculously bubbly now. Ha!



Aaron Schoenberger

The Brainchild Group




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