Marketing Beverly Hills Businesses w/ the Internet Internet Marketing | December 4, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

The question is simple and sweet — does your business want to increase exposure and revenue while decreasing marketing expenditures? I guarantee almost every Beverly Hills business, whether small or large, will answer yes. In a nutshell, internet marketing provides for exactly this. 

How exactly can internet marketing increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs? 

For one, internet marketing for Beverly Hills businesses costs far less than other forms of marketing. To effectively target potential customers in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park, Malibu, Santa Monica and other exclusive areas, most companies rely on print ads that are inherently pricey due to their target market. For Example, a print advertisement in a Beverly Hills magazine or newspaper will cost more than a similar ad in another, less desired area.

Secondly, pertaining to exposure, the world is becoming more e-centric by the minute and failing to build an online presence will be detrimental to future growth. Potential customers have become accustom to researching businesses online, and making online purchases, so addressing this behavior will result in a larger customer base and higher revenue. Good ole’ conversion rates.

Thirdly, by utilizing the internet for marketing, Beverly Hills businesses can do their part in preserving the planet. Internet marketing eliminates the need for printing, shipping, harsh chemicals, excess electricity, gasoline and everything else negative about print advertisements.

Finally, and most importantly, internet marketing for Beverly Hills businesses is timeless. Unlike other forms of marketing, internet marketing lasts a lifetime (possibly an eternity, we shall see). Instead of gaining a large amount of exposure when printed/aired then sharply dropping off, like print and television commercials, web marketing consistently builds strength or “weight” over time. This means in the future websites and web content, if marketed correctly, will rank much higher than today. This is truly the beauty of internet marketing. 

My psychic powers kicked in, and I know many of you are wondering what internet marketing mediums I suggest. Since I know you’re on the edge of your seat, see below and enjoy!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • Blog and Forum Marketing
  • Viral Videos
  • Functional, Catchy Website Design

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck to everyone! 



Aaron Schoenberger

The Brainchild Group 


The Brainchild Group is a top marketing company specializing in Professional SEO, Expert Internet Marketing and catchy Website Design. We consistently receive top rankings for thousands of keywords and enjoy helping clients achieve the same results for their business. Please feel free to CONTACT US for a consultation — we love meeting new clients and revamping their online appearance. It seems to always induce a smile. Internet marketing, a smile-inducer. A-ha! 

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