Geico Pothole Commercial | Because I’m a Pothole! Marketing Rants + Critiques | December 9, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group


Geico’s new pothole commercial made me fall in love with Southern women. I know this may sound odd, but the pothole’s voice is quite intriguing. More importantly, the commercial is funny, catchy and gets the job done. 

As a recap, after a Nissan 350Z speeds around the corner, my future wife (the pothole) flattens its tire and begins talking. Yes, a talking pothole! She says “Oh no, your tires all flat and junk. Aww did I do thaaat? Here, let me get my cellular out and call your wrecker. Oh shoot, I got no phone…’Cuz I’m a POTHOLE! Sooo…. K bye!” lolololol Too funny! 

I don’t know why, but this commercial just cracks me up. I find myself playing it over and over again. Is anyone wondering who does the voice on Geico’s pothole commercial? Well, it’s Dayci Brookeshire.  

Kudos Geico! Keep ’em coming. 



Aaron Schoenberger

The Brainchild Group 


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