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Fort Lauderdale, Florida — one of my favorite places on earth, which has been coined the “Venice of America” due to its intricate canal systems. A place my parents lived for many years and always raved about. If you are a beach person, it is truly a million times nicer than the beaches on the West coast. Santa Monica and Malibu, to me, are no comparison.

For businesses that are located in Fort Lauderdale, a vast majority of customers, especially for the hospitality industry, are tourists that, in this day and age, find your company online. Think about it this way — if someone lives in New York City and wants to find the best seafood restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, they will most likely look online. If your business appears as one of the first search results, and is presented in a professional and representative manner, there is a big chance they will convert from being a potential customer to a customer. Then, hopefully, a follower and a fan.

To help Fort Lauderdale companies achieve their goals, The Brainchild Group offers a wide variety of internet marketing mediums that have proven very successful over the years. We are a top interactive marketing agency with headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA and have a variety of clients throughout the world ranging from world-renown restaurants, Olympic gold medalists, doctors, lawyers, clothing manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers/distributors and the list goes on.

SEO Services 

  • Link Building
  • On-Site SEO
  • Social Media SEO
  • Blog Marketing/SEO
  • Flash/eCommerce Website SEO
  • SEO Training

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