Google Trends now Displaying in Search Engine Result Pages? Internet Marketing | January 3, 2010 | By The Brainchild Group

Well, it looks like it has happened again. Google, the inventor of almost everything cool, has started including their Google Trend info in search engine results. For marketers and SEO professionals, this is cool to see.

I myself use Google Trends religiously as it helps with marketing/SEO and is almost like a news source. If something big is going on, trust me, it will show up in the Google Trends for the day.

Now that trends are being displayed in search results, more and more people will become aware of Google Trends and what exactly they are. In summation, the trends are basically hot searches for the day. Google displays 10 “Hot Topics” and 10 “Hot Searches.”

Please see a sample photo below. I was researching an article I just wrote on the Iron Chef Super Chef Battle and this is when I stumbled upon the Google Trends. Cool stuff!

What other cool stuff is Google holding out on? Come clean people! :)

Google Trends Being Displayed in Google Search Results

Google Trends Being Displayed in Google Search Results


Aaron Schoenberger

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