Living in an SEO-Oriented World Search Engine Optimization | January 28, 2010 | By The Brainchild Group

With high-speed internet becoming widely available around the world, and search engines controlling the lives of everyone around us, 2010 will truly be a year of Search Engine Optimization.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other semi-popular search engines are now our best friends. They give us answers to questions, only talk back when we want them to, and help us better ourselves overall. Search engines deliver answers to our questions, and with prolonged use, they will ultimately provide for a more educated, open-minded population.

As we step into the year 2010 — mark my word — more and more large corporations will begin to realize the importance of ranking well in search engines. This applies to all industries including hospitality, consumer goods, financial, technology, healthcare, industrial goods, utilities, etc.

For companies that are looking for a professional SEO consultant, be sure to do your homework. Almost every SEO company will say they can achieve top rankings in search engines but only 1% or less actually can. Keep this in mind.

Remember, SEO is the new “in” marketing medium and if not being utilized to its full potential it should be.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group is an Interactive Marketing Agency that provides strategic, professional internet marketing and website design services to a variety of businesses.  We specialize in Social Media Marketing, Flash Website Design and Search Engine Optimization — Corporate SEO, Restaurant SEO, Law Firm SEO, WordPress SEO, and Real Estate SEO. Please feel free to CONTACT US for a consultation.



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