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The Brainchild Group is a social media agency based in Los Angeles, CA that provides restaurants with consulting, training, and marketing services to improve online exposure, build influence on social channels, and ultimately increase revenue in an informative, personal manner.

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Restaurant Marketing in the Internet Age – Social Media is King

As the internet has become more prevalent over the years, restaurant marketing has taken a sharp u-turn. Restaurants are relying more on social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as opposed to television commercials, postcards and phone book listings. This e-centric shift is truly a positive trend.

Today restaurants, both small and large, are realizing the importance of Social Media. It’s no longer a funny word that internet revolutionaries are throwing around, Social Media has come to fruition. Social Media is a proven marketing medium that connects companies with potential customers (or previous customers) and establishes a more personal relationship; one based on information and networking as opposed to direct sales.

Restaurants can boot online exposure by utilizing the following mediums:
1) Blogging
2) Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Fourquare, LinkedIn, etc.)
3) Viral Videos
4) Local SEO
5) Social Bookmarking

I hope this article has been helpful and remember: don’t shy away from Social Media and internet marketing for your restaurant.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

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