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(note: article was originally named “chili quake” as I am researching the amount of people that search for “Chili” as opposed to “Chile” :))

What an interesting day! I was glued to the television watching the tsunami preparations in Hawaii, as I have spent a lot of time there, and was glad to see there was no major damage. I heard about the tsunami warning here in California, which people didn’t take too serious, and thought about grabbing my Nikon D90 and Camtrol to snap photos and video at the beach. Unfortunately, today ended up being a lazy day working from home and I wasn’t able to snap any footage. Darn.

I’m quite surprised to see there was actually a noticeable surge in water levels here in Southern California. It shows the power of Mother Earth. I’m near Santa Monica and didn’t expect to be affected locally by the earthquake in Chile. Though the waves were small, it is still interesting to see how something that occurred thousands of miles away can touch us here in California.

According to reports, the Ventura Port District responded to numerous calls regarding boat docks breaking free from pilings. Fire Battalion Chief Matt Brock stated he saw 2-3 foot waves enter the harbor and continue into the waterways. The same was reported in Santa Monica and other beach communities along the coast. The 2-3 foot waves hit San Diego up to Ventura County just after noon.

Thank goodness everyone is okay and stay safe!

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Here’s a video I found of Ventura Harbor on YouTube, which was posted by MARYOSBORNESURF



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