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The Brainchild Group is a leading online advertising agency that specializes in strategic Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a variety of businesses throughout the world.

The Brainchild Group’s clients include top restaurants, automotive manufacturers, celebrities, musicians, Fortune 500 companies and most importantly mom-and-pop shops. We have a very successful track record and pride ourselves in thorough, professional, ethical marketing that directly reaches target markets.

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Ad Agencies Revamp Business Models For Online Marketing

In recent years, I have seen a large influx of established advertising agencies modify their business models based on current marketing trends, which now revolve around the internet. This is very interesting from a marketing and business standpoint, and is something I have studied for numerous years.

Many of the top advertising agencies have focused on television commercials, print ads and other costly mediums in the past, and are now recognizing the power of the internet. When I created internet marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies 4-6 years ago, I was laughed at by most. But, as it turns out, the same suggestions are now being utilized by ad agencies and large corporations around the world. The times have changed, and marketing via the internet is here to stay.

One thing I have noticed in particular is large advertising agencies creating new departments for internet marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To rein in online marketing clients, these agencies have expanded their previous offerings to include a variety of e-marketing mediums: blog marketing, SEO, viral videos, etc. I think this is an excellent move though, in reality, these advertising agencies are learning on the fly. For example, companies are hiring “SEO professionals” but have no gauge of their actual expertise given their own lack of knowledge on the subject. Simply said, if you yourself are not familiar with a marketing medium, how can you qualify someone to fit such a position? This is the dilemma ad agencies are running into.

Last week a good friend of mine who founded a successful social media advertising agency in New York City inquired about tips for interviewing an SEO Director. Given his lack of knowledge, he didn’t know what to expect and what questions to ask, which is quite common.

For all companies searching for an interactive advertising agency to provide high rankings in search engines, I highly suggest you prepare a list of questions, which will ensure the company you are contacting knows their stuff. Below are a few samples of questions I would ask:

  1. How will you improve the rank of my website?
  2. Do you manually submit social bookmarks and business directory listings, or are these automated?
  3. Are you familiar with Google PageRank?
  4. Can you provide me with a list of keywords you have targeted and the outcome/ranking?

In conclusion, when looking for a top, award winning ad agency for online marketing, quiz them and make sure they know their stuff. Just because a company can create awesome television commercials doesn’t mean they can kick butt in search engines. Social media marketing and SEO is a totally different animal.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group is a SEO and Social Media Agency that specializes in strategic, professional Social Media marketing and SEO for a variety of businesses around the world. If you’re looking for a group of marketing professionals, please feel free to Contact Us.



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