The Importance of SEO for Car Dealerships Search Engine Optimization | March 22, 2010 | By The Brainchild Group

As the economy continues to gradually improve, an influx of consumers will re-enter the car market and, surprisingly, will have no clue where to begin. They haven’t purchased or leased a vehicle in 3+ years, aren’t familiar with current deals, and are often indecisive on what to get (make, model, options, etc.). This is where the intergalactic powers of SEO are flexed.

Let’s say Shmohawk Johnson wants to buy a BMW in Los Angeles, California. One thing he knows is that he wants a BMW, but everything else he is oblivious to. He’s not familiar with current models, cool electronics, the M3/M5/M6 etc. and wants to test drive a vehicle. Over 70% of the time Shmohawk will jump on a search engine (e.g. Google) and enter a query along the lines of “BMW dealer in Los Angeles.” This way he will be able to find a local BMW dealership, give them a call, then stop in for a test drive. And, possibly a purchase.

When Shmohawk jumps on Google to search for a local BMW dealership he will be inundated with thousands if not millions of results. Over 50% of the time he will not go past the first page of results (10 listings), which means that BMW dealerships on page 2+ will simply lose out. Not good.

Now to increase business, dealerships must focus on SEO and achieving top rankings in search engines. If Shmohawk searches for “Los Angeles BMW Dealership” and your dealership is ranked on the first page, there’s a good chance of getting a sale. And, if you’re ranking at the top of the first page (positions 1-4) you will – with attractive meta information – have a very high probability of receiving a sale.

Moral of the story: Car dealers should jump on the SEO bandwagon ASAP. The internet is here to stay and placing your website at the top of search engines today will help you secure business tomorrow.

Good luck!

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group is a top SEO company with over 5 years in the automotive business servicing performance companies, car dealerships and repair facilities. Please feel free to Contact Us for a consultation.



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