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I am German and love Germany (especially the countryside). I’m a techy and love electronics. And, I’m a traveler and love traveling. But, due to a busy work schedule, I unfortunately will not be able to make it to the CeBIT convention in Hannover, Germany this year. It breaks my heart, it truly does.

CeBIT is the largest consumer electronics and computer expo on the planet, which makes it quite appealing to techies. I myself am in the internet marketing business, which is highly dependent on current technologies. This is why, especially for me, CeBIT is always a must do. Plus, who can turn down hearty food, good beer and gorgeous scenery? :)

CeBIT will last from March 2nd to March 6th and will feature many IT topics that are very intriguing. I am interested in the “Next Level 3D” aspect of the conference which focuses on 3D stereoscopy and the use of 3D movies in the future.

Most importantly, I am interested in marketing with the new 3D platform, which will be covered at the  CeBIT conference. The CeBIT website states: “…additional topic involves marketing 3D-capable information and content, which enhance the attraction of advertising messages at the point-of-sale, online or in television and in cinema. 3D hard- and software solutions can be used in the most diverse sectors of the economy.”

For all who will be attending the conference, I am jealous and I hate you. No, just kidding, I love you. Snap some photos and share them with everyone! All of us unlucky souls that is.

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