CTIA Wireless 2010 – Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, Mobile Marketing Business News | March 23, 2010 | By The Brainchild Group

The much anticipated CTIA Wireless show of 2010 arrived today! And, not only has it arrived, but it created quite a buzz in the technology community. Each year awesome hardware and software is rolled out and the question always arises: What’s it gonna be this year?

One thing I have noticed about CTIA 2010 is the large influx of attention devoted to mobile software/apps. Mobile advertising is expected to grow by 45% in 2010 and a large aspect of this growth will be geared towards applications (Yelp, OpenTable, etc.) and mobile marketing via these applications. Additionally, website developers, internet marketers and SEO professionals are keeping a close eye on mobile trends in 2010 because a large portion of e-marketing will be done in the mobile arena.

Everyone was hoping HTC would debut their “Supersonic” phone, though an equally cool HTC Evo 4G phone was released. Engadget stated that the HTC Evo 4G is “easily the best specced phone we’ve ever witnessed’ and ‘Sprint’s Android-powered knight in superphone armor.” One kick butt review if you ask me.

Lastly, I don’t think this blog would be complete without mentioning the new Nexus One phone for Verizon. Many have been waiting for its release, including myself, and I can’t wait to compare the Nexus One and HTC Evo – along with my trusty iPhone – side by side.

More to come soon!

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