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Macy's Fashion Director

(photo from Macy's website)

Macy’s has taken the Social Media plunge and launched an interactive Flash game that allows website visitors to use a “new mix and match tool to combine the season’s hottest styles and accessories into an outfit that’s uniquely you! Enter your outfit in our Daily Fashion Challenge and you could win a $500 Macy’s Gift Card.” The fashion tool is built in Adobe’s Flash platform, which allows for all sorts of goodies.

Most importantly, this contest provides numerous benefits for Macy’s, which I will highlight below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
For all that are not familiar with SEO, its goal is to strategically place websites at the top of search engines for specific keywords and phrases. It’s done in an organic or natural method, which eliminates paid advertisements over time. Macy’s decided to hold an ongoing contest instead of a one-time ordeal and I think that is ingenious. Aside from the obvious fact that customers returning to the site on a daily basis can lead to sales via click-throughs, the influx of visitors will boost the Alexa ranking and overall traffic of the Macy’s website. Increased traffic slightly affects rankings (not by much according to my studies), but every little bit helps.

Social Media
By creating a cool interactive game, one that precisely hits their target market, Macy’s has made a smart marketing move. A very smart move. The fashion tool is an ideal candidate for social bookmarking, articles such as mine, mentions on social networking sites, etc.

For all that want to check out the Fashion Director Challenge, CLICK HERE. Enjoy!

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