Blog Marketing Tips From an Industry Professional Social Media Marketing | April 29, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Tonight, as I relax on my couch with Lilly (my MacBook Pro), wild marketing thoughts are racing through my head. I have decided to stop working on projects for clients and want to make a few suggestions to you new bloggers out there. I know gaining traffic and exposure is tough, but persistence and hard work will pay off in the long run. Trust me.

When I first started working with blogs, back in 2006, I was faced with a big dilemma. Most of my experience was in paid banner advertisements and print/tv ads, which were semi-successful in relation to present marketing tactics and maximizing ROI. Blogs were a new phenomenon and most people looked at the marketing platform as a fad that will shortly phase out. But, oh boy, were they wrong.

As I began my blogging journey, there was a lot that I learned “on the fly” — the medium was so new and exploration had to be done. Trial and error took place, which I’ll have to admit, but it has brought me to where I am today. Without learning from our own mistakes, or mistakes of others, it’s hard to better ourselves. Life is a learning process with ups and downs.

My tip to new bloggers and businesses looking to market via blogs is stay persistent. Writing articles, optimizing them for SEO, and monitoring traffic is a lengthy process though it’s vital to success. Stay on the ball and be sure you are putting your best foot forward. If you wake up at 2 in the morning to use the restroom and have a wild idea, I suggest you jump on your computer and write about it. Your spouse may hate you, but it’s you. It’s who you are. You are the master of your realm and you must own it.

Additionally, you must concoct a clear, concise focus. Blogging with no target is like fishing with universal bait; it doesn’t work too well. You must construct articles and content that pertains directly to your target market.

I hope this article has been helpful to all of you bloggers and new businesses out there. Good luck and may the force be with you.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group is a Los Angeles Advertising Agency that specializes in strategic social media marketing and SEO for businesses around the globe. Clients include top restaurants, Olympic gold medalists, Fortune 500 companies, automotive manufacturers, online entities and mom-and-pop shops. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.



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