CPA Marketing Tips – Best Ways to Market Accounting Firms Internet Marketing | April 24, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

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Marketing an accounting firm can be a very difficult task that often requires a large marketing budget to achieve noticeable results. However, as marketing efforts shift to online mediums, CPA firms are seeing a decrease in marketing expenditures and a boost in revenue. The smart ones that is.

By strategically utilizing online marketing channels, Certified Public Accountants have the ability to not only provide an accounting service, but become a source of information. The last thing a potential client wants is a pushy sales pitch or cheesy advertising campaign. People are over that. The approach should be to provide answers to the many questions clients have and do so in a way that is not overly self-serving. Through accurate information, accountants can educate their clients and this builds a more coherent, trustworthy client relationship.

Secondly, regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CPA firms will find that ranking well in search engines is vital to successfully marketing today and in the future. If a corporation is located in New York City and wants to find a local accounting firm, they will almost always jump onto a search engine and enter a query along the lines of “New York City CPA firm” or variations of such. The goal is to strategically place your accounting firm’s website at the top of search engines so these potential customers land on your website first and not competitor sites. This is the glory of SEO.

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Aaron Schoenberger
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