7 Best Twitter Users for Online Marketers to Follow Social Media Marketing | May 23, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

The Twitter phenomenon is growing by the day and shows so signs of letting up any time soon. Everyone and their mama, including my mum (I love the UK spelling, sorry), is using Twitter. For being a micro blogging site, it’s quite robust and has a lot to offer.

Twitter provides a wealth of information to the masses — some good and some bad. The goal is to understand the ins and outs of Twitter, connect with key users, then build exposure by offering content (Tweets) that followers will find interesting/helpful. This will initiate Retweets and improve your branding in the social media world.

To help online marketers that are new Twitter, I have decided to share my 7 favorite Twitter users who consistently provide helpful updates via their Twitter accounts. Some are individuals, some are companies, and some are “the man” himself (Google).

1) Forrester Research – An independent research company that provides a wide variety of statistics on topics related to consumer and business trends. I have found their e-commerce, social media and SEO research to be very helpful when choreographing internet marketing campaigns.

2) Google – The creator of almost everything cool thing on earth is a must-follow. Learn about conferences, company updates, new services, etc.

3) Bing – Why follow Bing on Twitter? Well, Bing is quickly gaining market share and has surpassed Yahoo. Additionally, the Bing team is top-notch and will reply to comments/Tweets in a timely fashion. Awesome group of people.

4) Twitter – If you’re using Twitter there’s one account that you must follow — Twitter itself. Instantly learning about Twitter updates allows online marketers to be ahead of the game, which gives clients a competitive edge.

5) WordPress – Blogs are an integral part of business in this day and age, and WordPress is the leader of the pack. It’s my favorite blog platform, kicks butt when it comes to SEO, and is only getting better. Following WordPress on Twitter is important to learn about core updates, new features, etc.

6) AdAge – I enjoy reading many of the articles on AdAge.com and find the website to be an excellent source of information on new advertising campaigns, consumer trends, mergers, etc.

7) The Brainchild Group – You should follow us on Twitter because we will be your best friend for forever and ever. No, just kidding. We provide a wide variety of information on social media marketing and SEO which is based on 10+ years of research and implementation. As a company we consistently research cutting-edge trends and furnish our research findings in articles that are posted to Twitter.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group



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