‘Camtrol’ Camera Stabilizer Featured on Cameratown.com Social Media Marketing | May 5, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger


Los Angeles, California – Camtrol’s revolutionary DSLR and video camera stabilizing system has received an overwhelmingly positive review from industry professional Keith Tharp highlighting its many benefits including high build quality, superb functionality and ease of use. The review is being featured on the popular photography and cinematography website Cameratown.com.

While testing the Camtrol stabilizer with a variety of cameras, Keith Tharp found that “Build quality is superb, everything felt like a finely crafted tool, smooth and solid.” For professional photographers and cinematographers, durability of products is quite important, which is why Camtrol was created with quality and longevity in mind.

Keith Tharp noticed perspectives and angles previously not possible were coming to life. He stated: “Having multiple possibilities with a rig like this keeps the creative juices flowing and keeps you open to new ideas and angles.” For industry professionals who rely on creating unique content for clients (sports videos, wedding videos, etc.), the Camtrol will truly provide for an edge over the competition.

To see Keith Tharp’s review, please visit Cameratown.com and navigate to the “Reviews” tab on the top menu. You will see a section for reviews by manufacturer, which is in alphabetical order, and Camtrol will appear on the list. Click Camtrol, then the name of the article – Camtrol DSLR Video Stabilizer.

Company Information:
Camtrol is a camera stabilizing platform that provides for smooth, shake-free shooting and a multitude of grips that can be configured on the fly. With three locking ball joints and vertical stabilizer bar, the Camtrol can be set to numerous configurations that allow the user to remain standing upright while capturing ground level shots, overhead shots and other angles that were never before possible.

Camtrol, Inc.
3844 W. Channel Island Blvd.
PMB 166
Oxnard, CA 93035


Camtrol. The most advanced handheld camera control device on the market.

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