Google Voice Officially Launches – Internet Phone Becomes Reality Business News | June 22, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Google Voice
I’ve been monitoring social trends throughout the day (as usual) and the launch of Google Voice is creating quite a buzz, which I’m happy about. I have been testing Google Voice for close to a year now, and wrote two articles on the platform in October of 2009: Google Voice Critique – Initial Thoughts and Google Voice Critique Part 2 – Custom Greetings. Finally the time has come to showcase what this bad boy is all about.

The official release of Google Voice will, mark my word, change the way we look at telecommunications. VOIP (internet) phones have been slowly gaining momentum (Vonage, Time Warner, etc.) though nothing like what Google is about to do. Google is a black belt in creating all things cool, they think concepts through (what a novel idea), and everything that exits Googleland is top-notch.

Next step, if the feds allow it, will be for Google to take in loads of phone users and charge a nominal fee for service, which undercuts their competition. It’s a Rockefeller-ish strategy, but one that’s based on progressions in technology that were made on Google’s coin. So, since that’s the case, more power to them.

When you have a chance, take some time to learn about Google Voice as you will inevitably be using it 1-2 years from now. The below video offers a brief intro to what Google Voice is all about.


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