Geico’s Hilarious ‘Sarge’ Commercial Featuring R. Lee Ermey Marketing Rants + Critiques | July 15, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

R. Lee Ermey - Geico Commercial
Just when I thought the Geico commercials were tapering off, we have been hit with yet another ingenious work of comedic art. I have critiqued a few of their commercials, which I adore, though I think this one takes the cake.

According to Geico’s official YouTube channel, the commercial was coined “Sarge” and it features R. Lee Ermey — a retired U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor and a widely-regarded badass.  Most of his acting roles were in action/military movies and tv shows so this was a surprise to me. A good surprise.

Geico scores big points in my book by being able to take automotive insurance — a boring thing when you really think about it — and turn the marketing of such into a fun, viral adventure that spreads throughout the world. After a short period of perusing blogs and forums it seems like everyone is loving this commercial. Kudos Geico!

Transcribed Commercial
“Can switching to Geico really save you 15 percent or more on car insurance? Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?”

  • Patient: “And that’s why yellow makes me sad I think”
  • Sarge: “That’s interesting… You know what makes me sad? YOU DO! Maybe we should chug on over to namby-pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you ya jackwagon. Tissue?” ::throws box at patient::

Until the next awesome Geico commercial,

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group



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