Insider SEO Tips: Mobile SEO is 2X More Important Search Engine Optimization | July 3, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

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Mobile advertising has reached an all time high and is expected to grow by 45% in 2010, which is why I have been a busy little bee. For the past year or so I have been studying mobile SEO (among many other things) and one thing I noticed, which I shouldn’t be sharing but will, is the fact that mobile SEO is two times more important than conventional SEO.

The main reason for mobile SEO being 2X more important than standard SEO for computers is the fact that, due to the screen size of mobile devices, a smaller number of search results can be displayed on each “fold” or page. For example, on a computer one would typically see 5+ results before having to scroll down or take action once a query is run and results are shown. One the other hand, a mobile phone will display 3 or so results before having to scroll down, which means that ranking in the top 3 positions on search engines is critical. Who wants to be below the fold? Not me, I’ll tell you that.

What does this mean for SEO consultants and businesses that are investing in SEO? You better focus more heavily on improving the ranking of your top keywords/queries to ensure they’re placing in positions 1-3 on search engines. Yes, it’s good to broaden your horizon and target a breadth of keywords, but failing to rank high for your main words can have dire consequences.

Please find photos illustrating the above-mentioned theory below, which will help clarify things. I’m on a MacBook Pro and have an iPhone, and as you can see search results on the phone are very limited with only 3 results being displayed. My computer, on the flip side, is displaying 6 results. Catch my vibe?

PS — If you’re sneaky and happen to check out our main website, please note that it’s very outdated. We’ve just been too swamped working on client projects to focus on our own site. After all, clients do come first.

Over and out.

Aaron Schoenberger
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