Internet Marketing a Clothing Brand: 3 Tips for Success Internet Marketing | August 19, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

As large clothing brands dump millions of dollars into advertising campaigns, a new breed of niche brands has emerged and is taking the clothing industry by storm. And, the way niche clothing brands are gaining exposure and achieving success is through internet marketing. Say goodbye to the big boys, and hello to the web.

To successfully market a clothing brand via the internet, companies must engage in the following:

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is geared towards communicating with potential customers, and past customers, through social channels including blogs, video websites (YouTube), social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and a variety of other platforms. The ultimate goal for clothing brands is to establish common ground with customers and interact on a personal level that has absolutely nothing to do with selling products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO needs to be performed — there are no ifs, ands, or buts. Ranking at the top of search engines for desired keywords, and optimizing social content for SEO (Social Media Optimization), is an integral part of internet marketing for clothing brands.

Helpful Customer Service

As with any product being sold online or offline, providing top notch customer service is critical. If a clothing brand has major downfalls it will spread like wildfires through the internet, and good customer service will eliminate such issues.

Moral of the story: Marketing a clothing brand is tough and competition is fierce, but by utilizing internet marketing mediums clothing companies have the ability to overcome almost any obstacle.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group



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