Woodland Hills Home Remodeling: RWT Design & Construction = Impressive Business News | August 20, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

RWT Design and Construction - Home Renovation Specialists
I’m a true believer in the idea of doing things once and doing them right, and I am here to announce that Romney Tripp, Founder of RWT Design and Construction, has impressed me more than I can possibly explain in this post.

I purchased a home in Woodland Hills, CA that’s perched on a scenic hillside among all sorts of wildlife, and I brought in RWT Design and Construction to give the house an intense remodel. The home was built in the 1960’s and retains positive aspects of its original character, though some parts were suffering dearly. The roof was a chop job; the foyer, kitchen, dining area and living room had a horrible layout; there were major safety issues that needed to be addressed, and the list goes on (and on and on). This, my friends, is where RWT Design and Construction comes in and the magic happens.

Romney initially visited the property with a notepad and camera in hand, which he used to document all of the issues with the home. He took such information back to his office, which houses a master craftsman for metal and wood work, and outlined a plan of attack. I am impressed with how thorough Romney is as well as his willingness to provide information throughout the project.

Once we decided on a final plan for the property, Romney brought his team in right away; in the blink of an eye my vision was starting to take form. And, the best part is, I was allowed and encouraged to be a part of it. I was not given a set of guidelines and instructed to adhere to them. Instead, I was provided with information and ideas then asked for my input .

For example, I was given a plethora of roofing options and Romney explained the benefits of each along with additional upgrades to the roof renovation — added insulation over the vaulted ceilings and the addition of a solar attic fan. Romney’s suggestions ultimately led to my spankin’ new energy star roof (eco-friendly) and a spiffy solar-powered attic fan to disperse hot air thus reducing the need for air conditioning. The solar attic fan also keeps humidity levels in the attic down, which helps reduce the possibility of mold. No mold = better air quality.

Additionally, I wanted to add wood floors in the living room, foyer and dining room. A large portion of the house has original oak floors and Romney suggested an eco-friendly approach: Refinish the existing oak floors and install oak floors in the remaining areas. By doing so we preserved the original floors, brought them back to life, and saved them from a landfill. I’m very glad I went this route.

Due to the amount of renovations on this property there’s absolutely no way I can stuff everything into one article, and I will therefore be writing additional articles on our progress over the next 1-2 weeks. After the excellent service I received from RWT Design and Construction, namely Romney and his team, I felt compelled to whip up a review. After all, they deserve it.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Oscar Wilde: “I have the simplest taste. I am always satisfied with the best.” The reason I hired RWT Design and Construction is because I feel they are, hands down, the best.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the renovation — they’re on the way.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

RWT Design and Construction - Home Renovation Specialists



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