Amazon Kindle Commercial Blasts iPad: Understanding the Advertising Psyche Marketing Rants + Critiques | September 13, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Amazon Kindle iPad Commercial
I am always intrigued by brands engaging in duels that use advertising as their weapon of choice, and Amazon has released a new Kindle commercial that kicks Apple right where the sun don’t shine. Well, not really, but it’s interesting to watch.

The new Amazon commercial takes a jab at Apple’s iPad by highlighting three benefits of having the Kindle over its more pricey but sexy fruit-bearing competitor. For regular folks, these jabs may not be obvious, but for seasoned and fanatical advertisers like myself, they’re crystal clear.

Sex Sells
Like the good ole’ saying goes, sex will (generally) sell, but that’s not always the case. The Kindle ad shows an attractive woman using a Kindle while the man, sporting a sleek combover, is fumbling and somewhat geeky; not the stereotypical jock that most commercials enlist. The tone of the commercial is set by the characters themselves.

Product Improvement
Amazon’s goal in this Kindle ad is to show an improvement over the iPad. One of the, well, few. Glare on iPads and iPhones is a problem, I cold-heartedly admit it.

Price Point
The Amazon Kindle commercial is sealed with a kiss: Only $139! I admit it that’s one heck of a deal and certainly something to write home or even create a commercial about. The iPhone, when it comes to cool factor and robust technology, takes the cake. But, for price sensitive shoppers, the Kindle is the economical choice.

Please find the above-mentioned Kindle vs iPad commercial below.

Aaron Schoenberger
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