Google Instant Search: What Does it Mean for SEO? Search Engine Optimization | September 9, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Google — the creator of almost everything cool — has changed the search engine tide with their spiffy new search engine enhancement coined Google Instant. The robust technology inherits tarot card reading characteristics intended to quickly deliver relevant search results in only a few keystrokes. Cool? You better believe it.

After the excitement and hype subsides, and we can all finally sit still, the ultimate question will remain: What does Google Instant mean for SEO?

My preliminary assessment of Google Instant and its relation to SEO leads me to believe that backlinks, particularly backlinks with appropriate/relevant anchor text, will play a vital role in placing websites and/or keywords at the top of Google Instant Results (GIR). Additionally, long tail keywords will remain important, but not nearly as much when it comes to Google Instant. There are a few more things I have noticed, though I must keep them a secret to ensure our clients have a competitive edge. :)

To read more about Google’s Instant search, please visit the official Google Instant website. Or, check out the awesome Google Instant video below, which demonstrates the new search enhancement by using good ole’ Bob Dylan as a test subject.

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