Halo: Reach Countdown – Xbox 360 Owners Are Drooling Business News | September 13, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Halo: Reach Video Game Release
Halo: Reach, the much anticipated first-person shooter video game, will be coming to life tomorrow, September 14th. Dusty Xbox consoles will be brought back to life and friends you never knew existed will be coming over to play video games.

My personal interests reside in the sales numbers and determining whether or not advertising campaign(s) for Halo: Reach have been successful. So far things are looking very good. Call of Duty release numbers good? I don’t think so. But, still good all in all.

We shall see how things pan out.

Please find a sneak preview of Halo: Reach, courtesy of IGN, below.

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