Innovative Website Design: Taking Design Cues From Nature Web Design + Development | September 9, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Designing an innovative, creative, functional website is a daunting task that requires mucho work, and this article will touch on ways to use good ole’ Mother Earth for design cues — taking elements of nature and converting them into catchy website designs that capture the masses.

My suggestion for website designers is to throw textures, backgrounds and all that conventional jazz out the window. Instead, plant a garden that includes a variety of colors and textures from which design ideas can be pulled. The way water droplets appear on a leaf, the appearance of colorful flowers mixed together, a California native plant gleaming in the sunshine, and the list goes on. Take the good things in life, what’s surrounding us, and incorporate such into website design.

Please find a few sample photos below, which were taken at my garden in Topanga Canyon (Woodland Hills). As you can see, these photos alone offer loads of website design cues.

Think outside of the box… It’s the way to get ahead.

Aaron Schoenberger
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California Native Plant -- Topanga Canyon Hillside
Flowers and Butterfly
Lizard on Wood Stump
Romaine Lettuce and Oregano
Leaves on Garden Soil
Potted Vegetables in Backyard
Lavender in Garden



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