Beginner SEO Misconception: A Flash Website Cannot Rank Well Search Engine Optimization | October 16, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Last night was a long night of Social Media Optimization (SMO) research, and while performing my due diligence I noticed a sly message regarding Flash websites, which made me chuckle. And, it’s a perfect example of false, beginner information being spread throughout the web.

For one, a Flash website has as much potential to rank high in search engines as any other website. In fact, since a Flash website is (typically) contained within one .swf file, all backlinks inherently go to a single URL. If one practices SEO on a regular basis they will see that backlinks, and the included anchor text, are one of the most important elements of obtaining high rankings in search engines. One URL with loads of targeted backlinks can perform well, even if there’s simply a photo on the site and nothing else.

Secondly, with the addition of a blog (I love WordPress) any Flash website can achieve high rankings. It’s all about dynamic, helpful, catchy content that will spread throughout the internet — not Flash or no Flash.

In conclusion, I’m not suggesting all businesses create their websites in Flash, I’m explaining the fact that hurdles can be overcome, and SEO for Flash websites is possible. Our company ranks on the first page of Google for thousands of highly competitive keywords and we have a crappy old Flash website from 2006 that we’ve been too busy to redesign. Does it stop us? No.

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