Marketing a Big City Business With a Small Town Feel Marketing Rants + Critiques | October 7, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

At times living in a big, bustling city can take the personal feel out of life, especially when it comes to businesses communicating with potential customers, and I’m sick and tired of seeing companies “reach out” to customers when in fact they’re simply trying to hook them and reel them in. In this day and age, such a bait to catch approach is doomed for epic failure.

Though the above-mentioned approach is what many of us learned in college years ago, it doesn’t hold true today. And, when marketing in a big city with thousands of competitors drooling over your shoulder, standing out from the crowd is an integral part of success. But the ultimate question is: How?

My suggestion for big city businesses is to approach potential customers (and previous customers) in a personal, informative manner that’s aimed at teaching as opposed to selling. Provide the best, most accurate information on the product/service being offered and let the customer make an informed decision that fits their wants and needs.

In wrapping this up, I want to say that nobody likes a pushy salesman, or self-serving attempts to reach out to customers. People see through the BS and want real connections. In essence, market a big city business with a small town feel.

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