Blekko: A New Search Engine Aimed at Slashing The Web Business News | October 31, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger
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Spam, shady SEO practices, duplicate content and overwhelming amounts of information, oh my! This is what search engine users deal with on a regular basis — whether they know it or not — and Blekko, the new search engine with Spam-busting superhero powers, is fighting back.

Blekko’s co-founder and CEO, Rick Skrenta, stated: “The goal is to clean up Web search and get all the spam out of it.” Blekko crawls billions of pages of content, but chooses to display only the top results, thus eliminating content deemed worthless. This includes websites with falsely inflated rankings, pages from content farms, and the list goes on. In essence, as their slogan reinforces, Blekko is on a mission to “Slash The Web” of useless content and promote a transparent flow of positive, helpful information.

Blekko considers seven categories to be spam-infested: health, recipes, autos, hotels, song lyrics, personal finance and colleges. When searching for information in these categories, users are given edited results. The question is, will this benefit search engine users? And, how will it affect placement and resulting website traffic for companies that fall into these categories? We shall see.

After using Blekko for a few hours, namely for SEO research, I was quite impressed. I’m loving the transparency, including the information included in the “SEO” button accompanying each search result. The “links” section is equally intriguing. Cool stuff I tell you.

I will be continuing my preliminary research for the next few weeks, and will post articles as I go. Feel free to Follow Me on Twitter to receive updates.

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