SEO Article Writing: To Spin or Not To Spin Search Engine Optimization | October 14, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

If there’s one thing I can stress it’s to not follow everything you see on the web and, when it comes to SEO article writing, everyone and their mama is talking about article spinners and how to get the most out of one piece of content. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Bad move.

The purpose of creating helpful, useful articles is to spread information throughout the internet world. Spinning articles, unfortunately, acts in an oxymoronic fashion and that’s not a style I’m into. Write an article to help the end user (reader) not to flood the internet with crappily constructed resurrections of originals, which may (or may not) have been halfway decent to begin with.

Additionally, according to over a year of research/tracking and a touch of good ole’ common sense, I have found that article spinning creates content that receives less than 1/5 the exposure of fresh, new, well-constructed pieces of material. There’s only so many times an article will be considered “cool” and worth Retweeting (or sharing with friends) and once content spreads throughout the web (articles, viral videos, etc.) they quickly become old news to us internet savvy folks.

The point I’m getting to is: Spend your valuable time writing new articles instead of spinning then editing aging piles of text.

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