Social Media Marketing: The Crossroads of Brand Success & Failure Social Media Marketing | October 10, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

With Social Media marketing being the talk of the town, companies throughout the world are warming up to the idea of connecting with customers via social channels. Unfortunately, many don’t realize the implications of a misstep during the strategic dance and this article is aimed at shedding light on such.

Social Media can be a pathway to success, but also a black hole of doom. Unlike conventional forms of advertising (e.g. print, tv, direct mailing), negative press spreads throughout the internet world like wildfires, and is quite difficult to extinguish. Additionally, web users are quick to pull the BS card, so transparency is key. My first suggestion: Tread lightly grasshoppa. If waves arise, try your best to smooth them out.

Secondly, corporations (and small businesses) must wake up and understand that customers don’t want “salesy” communications on social sites. In fact, they despise them. Companies must develop a Social Media strategy that puts people first and business second. It’s not about the product or service one is offering, it’s about the interests, passions, lifestyles and beliefs of target markets.

In conclusion, brainstorm a solid marketing strategy that solidifies and exemplifies a brand prior to engaging in any Social Media interactions. As the title states: Social Media is truly the crossroads of brand success. Get it right and you’re set. Get it wrong and you’ll be sorry.

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