Ally Bank ‘Interview’ Commercial: Now This is Funny Business News | November 14, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Ally Bank has made my day with another hilarious commercial that truly takes banking to a whole new level. Funny, sly, fantastic. Kudos guys/gals — mucho kudos!

The new commercial titled “Interview” shows Mr. Peter being interviewed for a job when the conversation takes an unexpected, quite hilarious turn. The commercial goes as follows:
Interviewer: Impressive resume.
Peter: Thank you.
Interviewer: So, what makes Peter, Peter?
Peter: Well, uh, I’m an avid catamaran sailor. I can my own homemade jam, apricot. And, um, I really love my bank’s raise your rate CD.
Interviewer: I’m sorry, did you say you’ll have a pay raise ASAP?
Peter: Uh, nah, actually I said I love my bank’s raise your rate CD.
Interviewer: You spent 8-days lost at sea?
Peter: Uh, no never…
Interviewer: You love watching your neighbors watch TV?

Check out the commercial below and enjoy!

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