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Is Hank Green Awesome? Yes

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Of all the people in the world, there are a small minority that go out of their way to make Mother Earth a better place; whatever the cost. And for humans that perform such heroic acts, recognition is due.

For quite sometime I’ve been following Hank Green and his brother, John Green, on a technology-infused mission to improve their brotherly bond and make the world a better place via social media. Being a longtime social media marketer myself, I have to admit that I’m very impressed, especially when a small company — or two brothers — amass over 70-million views on YouTube. Both Hank and John deserve a few million pats on the back, but their doctor may not approve of such.

In particular, I commend the Green brothers (no, they’re not aliens) for the awesome charity work they’ve done, including their participation in Project For Awesome (P4A). Their enthusiastic, new age approach to making the world a better place has attracted thousands of people that would, ordinarily, not engage in such charity work. This is the power of the Internet my friends.

Please find a couple videos below, which are worth watching. While viewing, note the ambition and enthusiasm portrayed. Do you care about a cause? Are you a social media marketer dead set on your ways? Do you cook the best BBQ in the universe? Let it show when you’re speaking about your passion.

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Thoughts on the Project for Awesome

P4A: John & Hank Green Discuss Poverty &



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