Mercedes, Porsche & Range Rover Lowering Links by Ghost Motorsports Lifestyle | January 10, 2011 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Lowering Kit for Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover & Audi
As many of you readers know, I’m a diehard car fanatic and have had a few race cars over the years. Prior to The Brainchild Group, I was Marketing Director for two automotive performance companies: one that manufactures/distributes aftermarket parts and another that writes performance software for European cars and exotics. When it comes to modifying a car, I know my stuff.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been bringing my cars to Ghost Motorsports in Los Angeles, CA where the team (Danny, John, Alex, Eric, etc.) is very experienced and helpful. I’ve had them do everything from an oil change to body work to replacing the engine in my Cobra. And, when Danny told me about his plans to manufacture lowering links for Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover and Audi vehicles, I was ecstatic.

In the past, if your vehicle was equipped with an air or hydraulic suspension setup, you were forced to invest in a costly Electronic Lowering Module (ELM). These work, yes, but cost nearly $2,000 to perform a simple function — lower your car. The reality is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Danny from Ghost Motorsports had an idea and decided to run with it. He shortened the OEM suspension links (sensor arms), which ingeniously and safely adjusts vehicle height via the ride height sensor. The best part is, the links are adjustable so vehicle ride height can be adjusted to one’s liking, and can accommodate various rim sizes, body kits and driving conditions. There’s no other lowering module on the market than can be adjusted on the fly while on the vehicle.

To my surprise, the price of lowering links from Ghost Motorsports is very reasonable. I was expecting to pay anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 to lower a Mercedes S-class, but the links with install came out to under $900. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

According to Ghost Motorsports, the lowering links are available for the following models:

For more information on the Ghost Motorsports lowering links, check out their website here:
GhostLinks Lowering Links

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