Qwiki SEO Research Begins: The Next Big Search Engine? Search Engine Optimization | January 23, 2011 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Qwiki SEO - New Search Engine
While doing my usual late night research, I learned about a new search engine called Qwiki and at first I was overwhelmed with the massive amount research ahead, but then again this is the path I’ve chosen.

According to ABC, “Rather than delivering simple links and snatches of information, as is the norm with Google’s search, Qwiki created an interactive experience that combines the text of a typical search engine with the video element of YouTube and the encyclopedic data of Wikipedia to create a personalized search experience that talks back to you.”

From an SEO perspective, the question is: What factors influence Qwiki’s algorithm? Since Qwiki was co-founded by Dr. Louis Monier, who is known for creating the search platform AltaVista back in the day, will Qwiki’s algorithm include ranking factors that were present in AltaVista? This may very well be the case, however only time will tell.

Between client projects, keeping up with the usual suspects (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and researching Blekko & Qwiki, I truly have my plate full. Then again, information unlocks all sorts of possibilities.

Check out the below video on Qwiki, which being shown on the new search engine’s home page: http://www.qwiki.com.

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Aaron Schoenberger
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Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt from Qwiki on Vimeo.



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