Social Media vs SEO Experts: An Oil/Water Mixture Social Media Marketing | March 25, 2011 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Social Media Consultants & SEO Consultants - Like Oil/Water
Over many years of consulting businesses on social media and SEO best practices, there’s one thing I notice on a continual basis, which I must bring to light.

Typically speaking, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) require two totally different personalities that seem to, most of the time, be polar opposites. SEO practitioners are more reserved, technology-oriented folks that work their magic behind the scenes, whereas social media gurus are more lively, personable, and I guess you could say “popular.” One marketing approach requires unseen efforts, and another requires intimate, direct communications. In a sense, social media marketers and search engine optimizers are like oil and water: they don’t mix.

For example, almost on a daily basis I see social media marketers that write excellent blog content, but none of it is optimized for search engines. Titles are too long, too short, don’t include priority keywords, etc. On the flip side, I see SEOs write blog posts to build website ranking and the articles don’t flow, are stuffed with keywords, and unfortunately bring in a limited number of social engagements. Not often do you find a marketing consultant that has expertise in both mediums, which is a major hurdle for businesses.

Finding a consultant knowledgeable in both social media and SEO is quite difficult, as you can see, which is why such consultants bring in anywhere from $400-$1,200 per hour. I know it may sound like an unreal amount of money, especially for small businesses, however this applies to the top consultants that guide large to mid-size corporations. And, it pays for a strategist that devotes their life to studying not one Internet phenomenon, but two.

In conclusion, if your business is searching for a marketing consultant, be sure to hire an emulsification — a tasty blend of social media and SEO. The combo is hard to find, though must be found.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

Aaron Schoenberger is Founder of The Brainchild Group — a forward-thinking Internet marketing agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He’s known for his work with celebrities, top restaurants, automotive manufacturers, professional athletes, educational institutions, luxury brands and Fortune 500 companies.



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