FIG & OLIVE Melrose Place Restaurant Opening: Huge Success Lifestyle | March 5, 2011 | By Aaron Schoenberger
FIG & OLIVE Melrose Place

photo from FIG & OLIVE website

In the restaurant world, a place filled with gastronomic adventures of all sorts, it’s not often that I’m truly impressed with a culinary destination. This may be because I’m a critical person, actively seek top restaurants to appease my appetite, a fanatical foodie, or because I have worked with restaurants from around the world. But, every so often I’m blown away and feel compelled to share.

Last week I was invited by The Minty (awesome food blog) to attend the FIG & OLIVE Melrose Place opening on March 3rd, which resulted in loss of sleep, temporary starvation the day of, and all in all an amazing night filled with tasty drinks paired with decadent food.

FIG & OLIVE ingeniously decided to hold 3 launch parties with distinct themes — a move that increased exposure, touched multiple target markets, and captured a larger audience than conventional, one-night events. Their lineup included the following:

  1. First Opening night : March 2nd 2011 from 6pm to 9pm : Italian Night in the presence of Fendi and Lamborghini.
  2. Second Opening Night : March 3rd 2011 from 6pm to 9pm : Spanish Night in the presence of a famous Spanish designer.
  3. Third Opening Night : March 4th 2011 from 6pm to 9pm : South of France Night in the presence of Chloe couture house.

Now the fun begins: Explaining why I was impressed with FIG & OLIVE…

First and foremost, customer service was top notch. From parking my car at valet, being escorted into the restaurant, offered champagne, given tasty food, and being met with a smile every step of the way, I was greeted like a guest in someone’s home. This, this my friends, is how all restaurants should be.

Secondly, in regards to food, I was swept off my feet and taken to a land of crostini-filled goodness. Every time I turned around I was being offered a different dish that made my taste buds perform the Macarena. The crostini topped with jamon, half of a fig, then drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar was my favorite. Salty, sweet with a buttery texture.

Thirdly, pertaining to the awesome drinks, FIG & OLIVE mixed up a few of their signature cocktails that will impress even the most seasoned mixologists. The 3 rock stars were:

  1. Summer in Barcelona — 10 Cane Rum, house made rosemary thyme syrup, muddled blackberries, fresh lime juice. (my personal favorite)
  2. FIG & OLIVE Dirty Martini — Belvedere Vodka served with house made Verdial Thyme olives & brines.
  3. Sangria Roja — Freshly muddled berries, cloves, vanilla, orange peel with a splash of Cognac.

Fourthly, I must say that the size of the restaurant and the decor is quite impressive. The location boasts 8,000 square feet of Mediterranean-infused dining space, including a 50-foot tasting bar and communal table, an enclosed patio, and a bar/lounge area. This is a perfect restaurant for special events, weddings, business gatherings, and whatever else your heart desires.

In conclusion, I’m glad I decided to attend the opening and will surely return in the near future. Actually, I picked up the phone to book a reservation for tonight, but mid-ring remembered that it’s a good friend’s birthday. Oooops!

FIG & OLIVE: Los Angeles welcomes you with open arms. Keep up the good work!

8490 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-9100

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