SEO Tip: Use Deep Links to Create Multiple Listings in SERPS Search Engine Optimization | April 21, 2011 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Multiple Listings in Google SERPS

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a client about creating multiple websites to own the first page of search engines for particular keywords. I’m personally against such, and I’ll tell you why…

First and foremost, creating multiple websites exponentially increases website design costs, SEO efforts and research, yet provides no real advantage. If over 40% of Google users click the website in the #1 position, and about 12% click on the second, it makes more sense to put all SEO work into one site, have it rank on the top, then have a secondary listing. See above image as a sample.

To create multiple listings in search engines with one website, it’s imperative to build “Deep Links,” which are links to internal pages. The goal is to make 2+ pages relevant in the eyes of search engines, thus resulting in multiple listings.

Moral of the story: Save your time and money, avoid creating duplicate websites, and focus on building deep links to one website. It’s much more effective in the long run, trust me.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group



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