Drastically Boosting Exposure, Revenue via SEO Search Engine Optimization | September 20, 2012 | By Aaron Schoenberger

According to Google’s statistics, 42% of search engine users click the #1 listing in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). The question is, where does your website rank?

Anyone with high rankings in search engines knows that getting on top means big traffic and a subsequent spike in revenue, however many companies that haven’t dabbled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply have no idea. But they should.

Let’s say there’s an Italian restaurant in New York City that’s looking to modernize their brand and obtain more online exposure. SEO is their main focus and they’ve outlined their target keywords. In particular, one of the phrases they’re going after is “Italian restaurant in NYC” which brings in a whopping 33,100 searches per month (in Google alone). By working hard on SEO and getting on the first page of Google, statistics show that the restaurant’s website will experience a significant increase in traffic, and a percentage of which will convert to customers.

Search engine optimization is truly a numbers game. Businesses must organically improve their ranking in search engines to get more eyeballs, website traffic, and ultimately more revenue.




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