HootSuite Launches Internal Communication Tool Coined ‘Conversations’ Social Media Marketing | September 26, 2012 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Back in the day when I began using HootSuite it was truly love at first click. And today, I feel like our intimate relationship has been taken to another level.

I’m ecstatic to announce that HootSuite has made yet another upgrade to their social media dashboard that turns the platform into an all-inclusive house of marketing goodness. In essence, one tool for the job.

HootSuite Conversations essentially serves as an internal project management software allowing for collaboration between individuals, teams and entire organizations. In the past, internal conversations and approvals were done through external systems, such as Assembla, but not anymore. Adding project management features to HootSuite was an ingenious move, and will ultimately improve productivity for marketing teams.

According to HootSuite’s blog post published today, HootSuite Conversations has a plethora of features, including:

Simplify Communication: Converse with anyone you work with, collaborate with, and share messaging with, easily and intuitively within the HootSuite dashboard.
Internal Conversations – External Engagement: Send social messages to internal conversations for teams to discuss and redistribute across multiple social networks.
Collaborate with Everyone: Easily add anyone to discuss social messages and receive approved messaging. Communicate with your team, department or entire organization, without leaving the HootSuite dashboard.

To get a better feel for HootSuite Conversations, check out the below video uploaded today to HootSuite’s YouTube channel.



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