Heineken Promotion in James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Movie Marketing Rants + Critiques | October 3, 2012 | By The Brainchild Group

In a deal worth a reported $45 million, James Bond will be shown drinking a Heineken beer in the new Bond movie, “Skyfall.” But has he let devoted fans down?

Bond fanatics are buzzing about him kicking his vodka martinis to the curb, and have resorted to calling the campaign a fail. In fact, a Twitter hashtag has popped up: #SkyFail.

But in reality, as AdAge noted, this isn’t the first time James Bond has been seen indulging in a beverage other than his beloved vodka martini. For example, Pierce Brosnan ordered a mojito in “Die Another Day.”

In my opinion, it was an ingenious move for Heineken to fork out millions of dollars for the spot, which will gain exposure for the brand for many, many years to come. Plus, they were able to concoct a sweet commercial that has gone viral (see below).

Do you think this was a smart move by Heineken? Has James Bond sold out? Share your thoughts below.



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